The Hi-Tech Tesla Chair

The amazing Tesla Chair is a highly sophisticated technology that provides the most advanced, non-invasive treatment for both men and women.

After childbirth or menopause many women suffer from incontinence problems while for others it is a debilitating lifetime condition that affects everything they do, from visiting a restaurant with friends to travelling in a plane or playing sport.

The pain free technology undertakes up to 28,500 pelvic floor exercises in 30-minutes, eliminating the need for monotonous Kegel or pelvic floor exercise.

Please visit our specialist websites or call 0207 222 8882 to book a consultation

If you are a woman suffering from incontinence problems, such as stress incontinence or a weak Pelvic floor, please visit our specialist PELVICZEN.CO.UK website by clicking on the image.


Learn how our revolutionary treatment is helping many woman with incontinence problems
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If you have orthopaedic problems, need general or advanced physio help with the TESLA CHAIR & our other advanced technology please visit our SHOCKWAVECLINICS.CO.UK website by clicking on the image.


Discover the TESLA Chair, an additional and effective method of treating many injuries and problems
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If you are a man suffering with Erectile problems, Peyronie’s disease or incontinence problems, or simply need a quick sexual boost, please take time to visit our MANSMATTERS.CO.UK website by clicking on the image.


Discover how our combination of treatments including the TESLA CHAIR help with many men's problems
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